Community Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Our team of expert community operators will launch and run an engaging community that positions your as the expert in your niche.

Starting a community is easy; generating engagement that drives ROI is not

By leveraging the Skool platform, we build out a product range inside the Classroom area that a % of members will purchase. And we create discussions to identify and engage your ideal customers to encourage them to book discovery calls for your services. The end result is a community that you can drive paid traffic to.

We partner with beehiiv

We've used all the newsletter platforms on the market, but only have faith in one to truly scale your newsletter business. If you are not already using beehiiv we will switch you over, and set up your account.

We partner with Skool

We exclusively work with Skool, best community platform on the market. Gamified leaderboards create unrivalled engagement, and you can combine free (but gated) entry with paid access to classes.

Our Team

Richard Patey

Richard is expert in building engaged communities that take action. He built and sold the Flipping Websites facebook group in 2019 to Investors Club. In 2020 he built and sold a top 25 paid Substack publication about website investing to Travis Jamison and co-founded the community. In 2022 he sold the Alts Cafe discord community to Flippa and became Flippa's Director, Investor Community.
He now runs the Digital Asset Marketplace free Skool community as well as his personal paid community.

Maciej Marek

Over the past two years, Maciej has driven over $1 million in sales through newsletters with his business Lettersight. He has built out systems from managing over 10+ newsletters in fields like technology, marketing, sales, education and e-commerce, and has become the go-to for newsletter owners seeking expertise in research, writing, and technical execution.

Community Setup


We build you an community that's designed to nurture and convert leads into your high LTV service offerings.

  • Existing audience profiling, market research & community strategy

  • Skool account setup

  • About page copy

  • Creation of pinned discussions to generate engagement & action

  • Build out of classes (converting your existing products and content)

  • Zapier automation to ESP

  • Paid Facebook ads campaign setup to Skool about page

  • Launch content for email and social

Ongoing Management


We will run all aspects of your community, so you don't have to. No contract, cancel at any time.

  • Approve and welcome new members

  • Start & facilitate new discussions

  • Encourage members to take action to your CTA posts

  • DM your ICP to book discovery calls

  • Replying to DMs

Train Your Team


We will train your team (sharing SOPs) on how to execute the above community management activities on Skool, over a one month period

Community Strategy Session

Just complete this short form with details about the community you're looking to launch or manage and we'll get back to you.

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